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Official sock manufacturer for Team Scotland


House of Cheviot was established in 2002 by Yorkshireman James Wright who combined his entrepreneurial skills with local textiles knowledge to form what is now renowned as the world’s leading luxury sock manufacturer. The iconic Cheviot Hills, which are located between James’s Ilkley home and our Hawick based factory, provided inspiration for the company name. 

Hawick is synonymous with the textiles industry and is known as the ‘home of cashmere’. The first knitting machine was brought to the town in 1771 which kick-started an industrial revolution. During the peak of production, the industry was the largest employer in the area with, in some cases, whole families working in the mills and factories. The quality, skills and craftsmanship were unrivalled, and today is no different. 



We currently employ 20 talented and passionate members of staff. All the manufacturing processes are completed under the same roof, too, from concept to completion. And every employee takes pride in creating top-quality products and being part of a brand that is ‘Made in Scotland’.

But making socks isn’t as simple as one might think! Each sock (we make approximately 60,000 pairs per year) passes through 12 pairs of highly skilled hands, from selecting yarns to operating the machines, hand sewing, linking, and packaging. We also safeguard the premium quality of our socks by using only the best yarns. Our beautifully soft cashmere yarn is combed from goats living in the high plateaus of Mongolia, and we use the finest Australian merino wool which is spun in Italy. Good quality materials paired with our expert craftsmanship ensures the most luxurious hosiery. Our designs are often inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds us and the area is perfect to field test our new collections. 




House of Cheviot has also been instrumental in supporting the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme and has trained up four full-time apprentices to date. Having young people working within our business injects enthusiasm, new ideas and helps to balance tradition with progression

We have a worldwide customer base catering for all types of country pursuits and highland wear. Every customer is different, and each has their own story of why they want our socks. We are lucky enough to supply socks to the European Ryder Cup team and are official sock manufacturers for Team Scotland (Commonwealth Games).




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