3 Reasons To Take Up Shooting This Autumn

Posted on 23rd Sep 2016 Categories: Shooting

Here at the House of Cheviot we know a thing or two about shooting, because for over 14 years we have been providing quality knitted country, shooting and kilt socks for everyone from royalty to gamekeepers. Whether you are interested in clay shooting or pheasant hunting, there are so many great reasons to take up shooting as a hobby.



1. Shooting Is For Everybody

Team GB shooting is made up of passionate individuals from all walks of life. In his forties, Steven Scott won the bronze medal for the Double Trap at the Olympics Games Rio 2016, whilst at just 18 Amber Hill placed 6th in the Woman's Skeet. So whatever age you are you can enjoy shooting! 


2. Enjoy the Outdoors

Taking up shooting encourages you to get out and about in the countryside. Pheasant season kicks off in the UK from 1st October and runs until 1st February. What could be nicer than walking in the breathtaking scenery of Scotland, which is known for its beautiful pheasant hunting grounds including the stunning Scone Palace and the Scottish Borders. Our new Forres Shooting Socks in shade Scotspine are perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry in the Autumnal weather. Spending time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure so leave your daily worries behind on your first outdoor shoot.



3. Learn Problem Solving Skills

Fans of clay shooting talk about loving the challenge of shooting. Shooting engages with the problem solving part of your brain. As the clay pigeon flies into the air, your brain visualises the problem and formulates a plan, within seconds you have executed your plan and you can instantly see results as the target explodes like a firework. Shooting teaches you patience and precision, skills that are useful in everyday life.



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