5 reasons to ‘spring’ forward into a new season

I think it’s safe to say we were fed up with winter and are happy that spring is officially here (we just need the weather to catch up!). Daffodils, Creme Eggs and bank holidays – what’s not to love? If it’s not your favourite season, here are 5 reasons that will make you reconsider…

Longer Days

After months of leaving my desk just as the sun bids farewell for another day, I am certainly looking forward to the days of perpetual darkness coming to an end. Being able to enjoy some sunshine (ok, maybe a bit optimistic), or daylight in Scotland’s case and after spending 8 hours a day at my desk it really lifts my mood. A walk is a great way to de-stress. There are so many health benefits associated with walking – did you know that the average dog walker gets more exercise than gym-goers? Move over Joe Wicks, four legged personal trainers are more effective!

Wardrobe Refresh

Warmer weather means finally being able to say goodbye to the coat, bobble hat and boots I’ve lived in for what seems like forever. Shops are starting to introduce their new season stock and it seems yellow, green and blue are the colours of the season. Summer is soon to follow (hello sandals, dresses and swimwear) so spring is definitely the time to get back to the New Years fitness and healthy eating resolution. My winter love affair with Netflix is over…

Dining al Fresco

Despite the fact you can BBQ or picnic throughout the year, it is so much more enjoyable in spring when the sun is up and the temperatures are pleasant enough to eat outside. I’m not the world’s best cook so picnics are definitely more my thing, after all how wrong can you go with a few sandwiches? Check out our guide to pulling off the perfect picnic here.


On your marks, get set, GO! Who doesn’t love an egg hunt? Easter is often dismissed as an unimportant holiday. It doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of Christmas but it is the perfect time to relax and unwind without any stresses and strains of gift buying or tree decorating and with the added bonus of chocolate eggs! The ancient Romans began their new year round about Easter instead of January which makes perfect sense – a new year should start when the world is coming back to life.

Spring = Life

Is anyone else sick of the sight of bare trees and colourless gardens? Daffodils and tulips are awakening from their long winter nap and are adding a splash of colour to the world. The birds return from their holiday in sunnier climes just in time to see lambs skipping about in the fields. Even the most pessimistic of us can’t help but feel rejuvenated and positive now that the cold, dead hand of winter is finally loosening its grip!

What’s your favourite thing about spring?


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