Awakening my inner She Wolf

Posted on 16th Jan 2017 Categories: Shooting

We're less than a month into 2017 and at House of Cheviot; we've started the year with a bang - literally!

During the Christmas holidays (which now seems like a distant memory) I was contacted by the darling of ladies shooting, Rachel Carrie. Yes, the famous and fearless hunter who filmed a documentary with Jodie Marsh! Rachel wondered if House of Cheviot would be interested in sending luxury shooting socks to an event she was planning. I said yes instantly, who wouldn't want to be involved?

The event took place last Friday at Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire - a beautiful setting for a ladies game shoot which was made even more stunning by the snowfall. 18 lady guns attended and judging by the response on social media, the day was a roaring success. Rachel and her Femmes Fatales ladies are great ambassadors for the sport so I wouldn't expect anything less!


The socks were a popular addition to the goodie bags - perfect for the chilly January weather. Carters Countrywear, Gamebore, Kate Latimer Taxidermist and Williams Chase also supplied luxury gifts. There were lots of pictures uploaded to Twitter over the weekend, the gifts definitely added a special touch to what was already a brilliant day.


Friday was also the day Femme Fatales Lydia launched the 'She Wolf' socks! Lydia and I worked on the design at the end of last year and are both thrilled with the results. The feedback has been very positive so hopefully every She Wolf around the country will be sporting them at their next shoot.


Having kept a close eye on social media on Friday and over the weekend, I can't help but feel the urge to get out into the field. This might be a good time to admit that I have never tried shooting! Shocking, I know but when I started working at House of Cheviot 5 years ago, shooting seemed to be a hobby enjoyed by gentlemen of a certain age, however with the hard work of Femmes Fatales and The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, ladies shooting has became so popular and accessible to ladies of all ages and backgrounds. There's nothing to suggest I wouldn't love shooting; I enjoy being out in fresh air and spend hours walking my mischievous Jack Russell (who would definitely not be a suitable gun dog) in the beautiful Borders countryside and I enjoy a challenge therefore it might be time to awaken my inner She Wolf! Watch this space...

Ashley x