Glorious Clothing for the Glorious Twelfth

With the Glorious Twelfth almost upon us when better to cherry pick the best country clothing on the market? Style, comfort and functionality is key so we have the low down on technical tweeds, classic country shirts and those all-important accessories.Read More
16th Jul 2019

The Glorious Grouse Season

Sprawling heather moorlands, bustling country estates and gundogs at the ready. The excitement is palpable. The Glorious Twelfth is almost upon us!Read More
2nd Jul 2019

Less Than 24 Hours Until Our Big Day!

Six months ago, while chatting over coffee we decided (out of the blue) to organise House of Cheviot’s first event. It is now just under 24 hours until our big day starts with a bang - to say we're excited is the understatement of the century... Clay pigeon shooting, tomahawk throwing, posh nosh and goodies galore, we're giving you a taste of what to expect when House of Cheviot do Ladies Day!Read More
11th Aug 2017

Twelve Glorious Grouse Facts

The excitement within the shooting fraternity is at fever pitch. Why? The Glorious Twelfth is less than a month away. We're sharing twelve glorious facts about the most anticipated day in the field sports calendar.Read More
13th Jul 2017

#NLSD17: A Quintessential British Afternoon

For the past few weeks my Twitter and Facebook news feeds have been filled with sadness, anger and sorrow as the nation tries to come to terms with what happened in Manchester and London. However Saturday was in complete contrast as The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club hosted their annual National Ladies Shooting Day. Positivity, smiles and images of spectacular cakes took over my social media and it was an instant mood up-lifter. So much so, I'm considering making my #NLSD debut in 2018...Read More
12th Jun 2017

Awakening my inner She Wolf

House of Cheviot's Ashley wonders if now is the time to awaken her inner She Wolf and join the pack of ladies who spend their weekends out in the field.Read More
16th Jan 2017

Game for a Carafe

Sourcing the ideal wine to pair with the spoils from a day out in the field can be a challenge but there are gloriously happy marriages to be made between wine and game birds.

Read More
6th Oct 2016

3 Reasons To Take Up Shooting This Autumn

Here at the House of Cheviot we know a thing or two about shooting, whether you are interested in clay shooting or pheasant hunting, there are so many great reasons to take up shooting as a hobby this Autumn.Read More
23rd Sep 2016

Get in our Good Books!

Today is International Literacy Day so what better time, then, to recommend some of the wisest, wittiest and wonderful books written on all things game shooting.Read More
8th Sep 2016

What do you pack for a day of shooting?

Shooting day essentials - what's in your bag?Read More
31st Aug 2016