A Busy Start to 2019 at Sock HQ

January. As months of the year go, it gets a pretty bad rap. A month of weight gain, hibernation, dreaded credit card statements and a nationwide pledge to ditch alcohol. However, it’s not all bad is it? The beginning of a new year and what’s not to love about a fresh start? We tell you what we've been up to this month - a busy start to 2019 at Sock HQ!Read More
31st Jan 2019

A Successful Ladies Day Celebration

House of Cheviot's first Ladies Day went off with a bang! Ashley gives her insight into the day spent at the beautiful Roxburghe Hotel & Shooting School. From clay pigeon shooting, torrential rain, axe throwing and posh nosh - we know how to throw a birthday celebration! Here's the low down from #cheviotladiesday...Read More
18th Aug 2017

It's Time to Have YOUR Say!

If you're a House of Cheviot customer you'll know we start the year with a new collection. We've started work on 2018's range but we'd like your input! Is there an old style you'd like to see again? Is there a colour trend within the kilt hire sector? What colours should we offer for ladies? Do men prefer patterned or plain socks? Get in touch with your feedback.Read More
23rd Jun 2017

10 of the Best Gifts for Father's Day

With only 10 shopping days left, Father's Day is fast approaching. Struggling with gift inspiration? Ashley's here to help! She's rounded up ten of the very best gifts to suit Dads of all ages and interests.Read More
6th Jun 2017

Looking Forward to Hawick Common Riding

It's nearly that time of year again; Hawick Common Riding. Next week our town comes to life and celebrates the capture of an English flag by Hawick youths in 1514 and the ancient tradition of riding the boundaries of the common land. Horse racing, picnics, sing songs (hopefully some sunshine) and catching up with friends over a glass of rum & milk; what's not to love?Read More
2nd Jun 2017

Kirkin o' the Tartans: Truth or Tale?

Who's heard of 'Kirkin o' the Tartans'? It's a custom that was unknown to me until this morning - it's amazing what you uncover when searching Google for blog inspiration. There's a question mark surrounding this tradition; truth or tale? You decide.Read More
25th May 2017

The Fabric of Fashion

Question: What do Madonna, Prince Charles, punks and suburban dads have in common? Answer: A love of tartan! Tartan has never gone out of fashion but today it is as popular as ever so what’s the appeal?Read More
19th May 2017

Put Your Best Foot Forward

May is #NationalWalkingMonth so it's time to throw in the towel at the gym and give walking a try. Not convinced? Your heart, body and soul will thank you - here's why...Read More
12th May 2017

Spreading Joy One Sock at a Time!

May 9th is one of the most emotional days for sock manufacturers - Lost Sock Memorial Day. It gives us a chance to commemorate those socks lost in the battle to keep our feet warm and dry but what should we do with the singletons? They're destined for a life alone unless put to good use. Short of ideas? We've come up with some creative, practical and charitable solutions for your single socks!

Read More
4th May 2017

Why do Americans embrace all things Scottish?

With less than a fortnight to go until the streets of New York City are awash with tartan, it got me to thinking about the popularity of Scottish dress and traditions across the pond. Curiosity got the better of me so I spoke to Matt Newsome from New House Highland about his love of all things Scottish.Read More
30th Mar 2017