Game for a Carafe

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 Categories: Shooting News

Now we're into October and the season is fully underway, pheasants join the list of game in hunters' sights, grouse flutters onto the butcher's counter and partridge finds its way into farm shops prompting a search for autumnal wines to compliment them.

Sourcing the ideal wine to pair with the spoils from a day out in the field can be a challenge but there are gloriously happy marriages to be made between wine and game birds.

Grouse is a full-flavoured bird that can cope with a full-flavoured red wine. Complex and full-bodied reds made from syrah are perfect. Wines from the Rhone and South of France are best as Europe's savoury Syrah compliment roast grouse beautifully.

Partridge is a relatively delicate flavour, think of it as a richer more gamey version of chicken and choose the wine accordingly. The optimum match would be a not-too-full-bodied wine such as Vin de Pays.

Most of you are likely to be cooking pheasant in the coming weeks. Tuscan wine works best with pheasant casserole while medium-bodied wines from central Italy triumph with roast pheasant. It seems Italy has it sorted as far as pheasant dishes are concerned - game, set and match!