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Posted on 8th Sep 2016 Categories: Shooting News

Today is International Literacy Day so what better time, then, to recommend some of the wisest, wittiest and wonderful books written on all things game shooting.


International Literacy Day


Sit down, relax, put the kettle on (or treat yourself to a glass of gin & tonic if you're feeling adverturous) and decide which book to read first...





101 Shooting Excuses by Bryn Parry

Missed again? Now you have an excuse, or 101 to be precise. Bryn’s wonderful illustrations capture the theme perfectly. An essential read for every shooter.


How to be Asked Again by Rosie Nickerson

Heading to your first shoot? Not sure how to be the perfect guest? This book is wonderfully entertaining and gives an informative guide to modern shooting etiquette.


Game Shooting an Illustration History by David S. D. Jones

A fascinating history of shooting featuring shoot vehicles, ladies day shoots and sporting agents. Anyone interested in country life and pursuits will find this book extremely interesting.


The Working Labrador by David Hudson

The perfect training guide for your working Labrador. This book provides an in-depth guide to training to enhance the field performance of your four-legged companion.


The Great Shoots by Brian P. Martin

One of best books to read on the celebration of game shooting, this book covers the history of shooting in the UK, the press’s portrayal of game shooting and a comprehensive survey of Britain’s shooting scene.


So, have you decided yet?


International Literacy Day