Golf Socks and Fashion

Posted on 25th Apr 2016 Categories: Fashion


The sun is shining (for now) and the Golf Season is upon us. No better place to start our indulgence than in golf fashion, albeit we can often get it very wrong. Wearing our socks over our trousers has been likened to wearing our underpants outside our trousers (works for Superman).

In the early days we mere mortals wore our every days clothes to play golf, but where’s the fun in that! Over the years the fashion has evolved from cumbersome to colourful. The Scottish Golf Museum will take you through the role that clothing has played in golf over the years.

Clothing plays an important role in the personal branding of Golfers. Arguably, today’s Pros are much more sleek, fit and understated. But unfortunately too many are hiding their socks!

So let’s cut to the chase! What do your golf socks say about you?





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