Guide: How to choose the best walking socks

Have you ever been walking with cold, damp feet? If you have, you’ll know the importance of a good pair of socks. Just like when buying walking boots, it’s worth spending a little more on some high-quality walking socks that will perform, after all they can make the difference between an enjoyable and uncomfortable hiking experience. Our guide will help you purchase the best socks for you and trust us, once you find the perfect pair, they’ll last season after season.

What are the benefits of wearing walking socks?

Support for you feet.

Cushioning and support is crucial so we suggest buying socks with extra padding on the heel, sole and toes, which will protect your feet from discomfort and blisters will be a thing of the past!

Temperature regulating.

Socks made from merino wool are breathable and help keep your feet cool and comfortable by absorbing sweat and moisture. According to research, merino wool socks can help regulate your body temperature and prevent foot and leg fatigue.

Comfort for your boots.

The right socks can help improve the fit and comfort of your walking boots. Thick walking socks will fill any extra space in your boots and reduce the risk of blisters while thinner socks will allow more air circulation which is good for warmer climates.

What features should you look out for?

Cushioning around the heel, sole and toes will help support your feet during long walks and help with the impact of hard terrain.

Seamless toes will prevent any friction from walking boots and help to reduce the risk of blisters. Toe-tal comfort!

Elasticated support at the ankle and instep will keep your feet secure and prevent the socks slipping around in your boots.

A soft fit cuff will ensure your walking socks don’t slip down during long hikes. If elasticated, it will reduce the risk of swelling and fatigue.

Why choose to hike in House of Cheviot socks?

Our walking and hiking socks are knitted with love and pride by our expert craftspeople in the heart of the Scottish Borders, featuring the benefits and performance qualities listed above.

Jason, our production manager, recently completed the West Highland Way (a 96 mile walk in the Scottish Highlands) and thanks to his Glen walking socks, he strolled in comfort and remained blister free!

Happy hiking!

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