Kilt Socks are for Life

Posted on 25th Apr 2016 Categories: News


So! How often do you air your kilt socks? Too personal a question? No but seriously, we pour our heart and sole into our socks here at House of Cheviot (sole, soul, see what we did there?). We need to know that our kilt socks do get to see the light of day at least once a month (or more!).

Let us take you through the life of the Cheviot Sock!

1. Our yarn is sourced from only the finest suppliers.

2. We use merino and cashmere wool.

3. Each style is a) designed, b) prototyped and then c) approved.

4. A combination of machinery and hand knitting is used to create the perfect base sock and top.

5. Each sock is checked, washed, ironed and quality checked (two more times).

That’s all before we fold, package, wrap (hug) and then dispatch.

So you see, to only wear your kilt socks once or twice per year just breaks our heart.

Love your kilt socks!

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