National Tweed Day: Fabric or Felon?

National Tweed Day is celebrated annually on April 3rd.

History of Tweed Day

Did you know there may be some confusion as to what National Tweed Day is commemorating? According to various articles online, some people believe National Tweed Day is celebrating the life of the corrupt American Democrat William M “Boss” Tweed, who ran the “Tweed Ring” which stole between $30 to $200 million through political corruption in New York. Or is it a day to honour the unique Scottish fabric, traditionally used to make British country clothing in patterns such as Herringbone and Houndstooth?

We hope the day was created to pay homage to the fabric of the countryside. Tweed symbolises country life and is woven into the history Scotland, however there is no record of April 3rd having any relevance to the origins of tweed, the mistake that resulted in it being named tweed, or the birth or death dates of the maker as is often the case with days such as this.

On the other hand, the date does have a special relevance to William Tweed who was born April 3rd, 1823. So perhaps that’s a clue as to what the day is really all about!

In any case, it’s time to celebrate Tweed Day!

Treat Yourself to Tweed

Purchasing a tweed jacket or investing in a new shooting suit for the season ahead is a great way to celebrate. Weaves are often inspired by the landscape. Herringbone is a nod to the coast and Scotland’s fishing heritage and barley corn resembles barley kernels which highlights our arable farming traditions. The colours echo the sometimes harsh but beautiful terrain of Scotland including heather, bracken, moss green and stormy blues.

Trend in Tweed

Tweed isn’t just for just for professors and country gents. Designers have put a modern twist on classic garments to create contemporary pieces that take you from town to country. In some climates, April might be too warm for wool, but in many places (especially Scotland!) the early spring weather is perfect for one final display of tweed clothing before putting it into retirement for summer.

Tune in to Tweed

Looking to be entertained on Tweed Day? Indulge in old-school cinema and journey to 221B Baker Street in London to enjoy an evening with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. No one rocks a deer stalker and tweed suit quite like Mr Holmes!.

Visit the River Tweed

Visit the river that tweed was mistakenly named after, located near our workshop in the Scottish Borders. Explore the iconic river in a kayak, admiring the ancient ruins and towns along its banks or give fishing a try. The river is considered one of the world’s greatest salmon rivers and attracts anglers from around the world.

How will you celebrate National Tweed Day? Let us know.

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