Pull off the Perfect Picnic

Nothing says summer like a good picnic, whether it’s a simple spread in your local park, a gourmet delight at the coast, or a romantic afternoon tea for two in your garden. Sumptuous or simple? It really doesn’t matter. A picnic is a great way to combine good company, delicious food and beautiful surroundings.

We have listed our top picnicking tips so you can enjoy a simple and fuss-free day out. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your basket and toast the season al fresco!

Pack up your lunch and head to your local park for some food, fun and fresh air.

It’s Tradition

Picnicking isn’t a modern-day thing. We’ve been enjoying picnics for centuries according to historians. The word “picnic” first surfaced in the 1600s from the French “pique-nique”. Wealthy Frenchman would take bottles of wine to restaurants and bistros when dining out. It then evolved to highbrow al fresco meals and became popular in Victorian Britain with people from all walks of life. The rest, they say, is history!

Host with the Most 

When planning your lunch or dinner outing, start by thinking about what type of picnic you want to have. Sweet and simple or fancy and adventurous? Family-friendly or a couple’s retreat? Will it be a casual lunch for all the family from toddlers to great grandparents or a sophisticated dinner date for you and your significant other?

Location, Location, Location

When dining al fresco, location is key. A picnic in the park, dinner by the sea or a field-based feast are firm favourites. Parks are great if you have little ones to entertain so why not pack some outdoor games for post picnic entertainment? Rounders, quoits and skittles are fun, family favourites for all ages. Head to a secluded beach for a date night dinner and enjoy the sunset whilst sipping your favourite tipple. Idyllic, right? A rural country setting is perfect for the more adventurous picnicker. Take your four-legged friend and work up an appetite by taking a long walk before settling down to lunch with a view.

Quoits, the perfect post picnic family game.

The Menu

Think cool and refreshing with your menu selections, plus choose foods that are easy to eat with your fingers, not messy and don’t require silverware. Simplicity is key. Sandwiches, cheese from the local deli, good quality sausage rolls, fresh fruit and salad, some sweet treats and you are pretty much set. It’s all about personal choice but think of the practicalities. Be mindful of your drink choices, too. Sugary and fruity drinks such as lemonade tend to attract pesky flies and wasps so make sure you pack insect repellent spray.

The Essentials

  • Picnic blanket with a waterproof lining to eliminate the chances of soggy bottoms
  • Picnic basket or backpack with the food
  • Iced water to keep contents cool
  • Corkscrew/bottle opener if needed
  • Soft drinks or non-alcoholic beverages for the designated driver
  • Use plates, bowls, cups etc from home to cut down on single use paper plates
  • Napkins and wet wipes
  • A zipped cooler bag for your edibles
  • A towel or cloth for spills (wrap any glass containers in these, too, for transport)
  • Battery operated candles (safety first) for ambience
  • A torch if you plan to stay past sunset
  • A bag for your rubbish/waste – very important!
  • Insect repellent
  • Suncream
  • Outdoor games, a kite, frisbee or ball for energetic picnickers or a book/newspaper/magazine if you’re planning on a more relaxing day out
Relax on the beach with tasty treats and a good book.

We hope we’ve inspired you to head out for a good old-fashioned picnic but please remember to respect your surroundings, take all rubbish home with you and ensure you’re not encroaching on livestock or farmland.  

Step away from your devices, embrace nature and spend quality time with your loved ones. Happy picnicking!

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