Sole Searching: Learn about the health benefits of walking

May is #NationalWalkingMonth so it’s time to throw the yoga mat to the back of the cupboard, give your spin class a miss and get out in the fresh air. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and has many health benefits, plus it’s free!

Before you head out for a walk make sure you have walking boots, like the Meindl Orlando GTX walking boot, that provide comfort and good grip on a variety of terrains. Good quality socks are equally important and can make the difference between an enjoyable and uncomfortable hike. Check out our range of merino wool cushioned foot walking socks – they’ll last season after season and blisters will be a thing of the past.

Ross wears our Munro Performance walking socks in Moss.

A Strong Heart

Walking is great cardio exercise which helps to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Walking for Weight Loss

A brisk 30 minute walk will burn approximately 99 calories (that’s equivalent to a glass of red wine or 3 Jaffa Cakes). Introduce this into your daily routine and squeezing into your favourite jeans won’t be such a struggle (I’m speaking from experience, the struggle is real).

Terrifically Toned

Regular walking will help tone your thighs, calves and glutes. Add a hill or two into your route and you’ll also tone your waist and abs – result!

A Heathy Mind

Not only great for fitness, walking also helps your mental well-being. Walking 6 miles or more per week helps to preserve your memory and releases feel-good endorphins which reduces stress and anxiety.

An Energised You

Walking is one of the best energisers. It boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply helping you feel more alive and alert. Try walking before work or in your lunch break – more energy means you’ll achieve more throughout your day.

Elena wears our Lady Glen walking socks in Navy.

Convinced? Why not give walking a try instead of the gym this month and see how you feel. If you need any route inspiration, try Walking Britain – it lists 20 countryside walks within your post code area so there’s no excuse… Your heart, body and soul will thank you!

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