Spreading Joy One Sock at a Time!

Posted on 4th May 2017 Categories: News

For sock manufacturers, May 9th is one of the most emotional days of the year. Lost Sock Memorial Day. At House of Cheviot we take great pride in making the world’s best country, kilt and fashion socks and hate the thought of them disappearing.

We understand how it can happen – you’ve had a long and tiring day in the field, danced for hours at a wedding or walked for miles and you’re desperate to put your feet up and bask in a hot bath so you pull your socks off and throw them in the general direction of the laundry basket... From there they must make the perilous journey to the washing machine with no guarantee they’ll stay together. Often one finds itself suddenly dropped on the floor or unknowingly seized by a dog with a love of expensive socks. Then one morning you open your sock drawer to find only half a pair. Some say it’s the curse of sock that it inevitably vanishes! 

Lost Sock Memorial Day gives us a chance to commemorate all those socks lost in the battle to keep our feet warm, dry and happy. But what should we do with the widows? They’re destined for a life alone; unworn and unloved. We’re encouraged to discard them but what a waste! There are many ways to reuse single socks; Business Insider UK has some great ideas from dog sweaters to children's toys, golf club protectors to aromatherapy pillows - there’s no shortage of inspiration.

If you’re not the creative type, why not donate the singles? Socks are the most requested but least donated articles of clothing at homeless shelters meaning your single socks could help people in real need. So, if anyone reading this has a drawer full of odd House of Cheviot socks, we encourage you to give them to your local homeless shelter or a humanitarian organisation. People’s lives won’t be changed overnight with the donation of socks but it will bring someone a little comfort which is extremely important.

Spreading joy one sock at a time! Something to think about this year on Lost Sock Memorial Day.